Bags for all styles

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Bags for all styles

Bags are definitely every woman’s best friends. It’s not very common that we go out without one, sometimes we need plenty of things during our day and we need something that helps us carry everything. Every year, our creative designers come up with new styles of bags, and choosing a favorite one is super complicated. 

On today’s blog, we have three different types of bags that we love and we know that they can be among your favorites too. 


One of the smallest of the group. This type of bag is ideal for those moments when you want to keep your arms and hand free, like in a party, a place where you have to walk long distances o simply when you want to feel comfortable and look super chic. The secret for wearing a crossbody bag is not carrying a lot of things, only the most essential items. 


This type of purse has a standard size. It’s not too big or too small. Everything fits perfectly fine in a satchel bag and you can wear it as a handbag, using the short strap or as a crossbody bag, using the long strap. Inside you can find smaller compartments to keep tiny items and avoid losing them in the bag.


A very chic type of bag that you can wear pretty much anywhere. Our belt bag can be worn in three different ways: as a classic belt bag, with the strap around your waist; as a crossbody bag, switching the strap and wearing it in your shoulder or as a clutch, removing the strap.

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Love this brand.

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