Belt sizing: How to find your perfect fit

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Belt sizing: How to find your perfect fit

When we buy belts, it can get a little confusing because you might not know the correct size and how to measure the right way.

The purpose of this blog is to show you how to buy the perfect belt size, online or in store. And how to avoid the mistake most people do, that is ordering the belt size the same as the pants they use. Purchasing a size larger, will help you during the year and how our body size changes, regardless if you get a little bigger or smaller, the main reason is that belts don’t stretch as pants may do, adapting better to each waist size.

Pants size ≠ belt size




Whether you’re a man or a woman, most of your pants or dresses will have trouser loops. This will help you knowing which belt size will fit better, as well as the chart you can find above.

If you buckle up and still have the remaining strap wiggling around after the loop, this indicates it’s too large. On the contrary, the strap that doesn’t get to the other trouser loop, means it’s too small. This rule may vary when using jeans, since this have a thicker fabric than a regular trouser somebody can use. Remember these tips can change according to each brand size fit.

If you’re a woman that want a belt for the waist rather than the typical hip, measure your waist to find out what pant size it would be, so you can be able to do the formula. And if you don’t want to buy two different sizes in the same belt type, probably the same hip belt size can fit your waist. To not have the belt wobble, add a color like rubber band or hair tie to attach at the end of the strap.


Belt strap tip


When creating looks, width also influences how the outfit looks on us. It can create a waist or disappear it, making no silhouettes at simple eyesight. Equally, the width can help you make the trending knot belt look, which we don’t recommend with our belts, because this can break yours.



Our belts have a variety of finishes, like silver, gold, vintage brass or the classic buckle for a subtle look; in which you can find applications like serigraphy, embroidery, unique artisanal work.


Remember! For better fit, order one size larger than your pant size.



Thank you for your interest in our blog! We hope you have found the information herein to be helpful and informative. We welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.
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