Best belts for men and how to wear them

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Best belts for men and how to wear them

There are some many styles of belts that you can wear, in all types of leathers, colors, applications, etc. 

If you already have an established style, the one that you normally use for your clothes and complements, we sure have a style of belt that matches your personality perfectly fine. 

Formal Belt

Perfect to wear with formal or semi formal attires. If you’re looking for the perfect accessory to match your dress shoes and wear with suits, this is it. A dress belt is simple enough to look perfect with a plain suit or with printed patterns. 

Traditional Belt

This one is for all the cowboys out there. The perfect accessory to wear with your favorite pair of cowboy boots. The metallic application over the buckle adds a unique and very exclusive vibe.

Casual Belt

And finally, for a more relaxed look we have just the ideal belt for you. The colored embroidery makes it fresh and stylish. Made to wear will so many kinds of clothes, we are sure that you will get a lot of great combinations.

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