Clean, polish and protect your boots for an always bright Cuadra style

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Clean, polish and protect your boots for an always bright Cuadra style

It is absolutely normal that our footwear loses features that it used to have. It might be possible that after a few times of wearing them, your shoes need a little maintenance. 

It is also important that every time you wear them you clean them right to keep them in the best conditions. On today’s blog we will tell you how you can keep your Cuadra bright as new and amp up their look. 

Use the following products to clean your shoes and leather products bright as new: 

Dirt protector spray for your shoe's long-lasting life

This spray is ideal to apply it from a 30 cm distance to your footwear before wearing them. It will create a thin protector layer against dirt and dust, keeping them from getting dirty. This will make it easier to keep them free from pollution and will stay bright and new. 

Wood brush for a shining touch

The shoe brush with soft bristle will help you to remove all traces of dust that your shoes may have. It is ideal for leathers with textures like stingray leather, because it has very small gaps that you wouldn’t be able to reach with a cloth. Remember to use the brush softly to avoid damaging the leather or the finish of it.

Bring back to life your shoes with creams and waxes

We suggest you get three basic colors of creams to start your kit: Brown, black and neutral. The two color creams will help you to bring back to life the color of your products, a small amount of them will be just enough to cover up any imperfection and add color, keep in mind that they are highly pigmented so avoid using a lot of them, and add them little by little. The neutral cream will make the leather shiny, add it by small amounts as well until you get the result you were looking for. 

For a polish look use sponge and cotton cloth 

The sponge and the cotton cloth will help you to polish your products. Rub softly in circles (over the python leather you must wipe in the direction of the scales) to avoid damaging the finish and color of the leather. Use these two products to get polished and clean products. 

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