Dress boots styles for men

Dress boots styles for men

Any style you are used to wear is ideal to combine with boots. There are different types of boots and we love them all. In this case we will show you three styles of dress boots that you can find in Cuadra and that we are sure you will love. 

Military boots

Military style boots are a style that can’t be missed in your collection. The frontal laces give them that urban and casual look you love, but the broguing details and the leather texture contrasts add a super elegant touch that will amp up any outfit. You can wear them with casual garments or even with suits and semi formal looks. 

Desert boots

This type of boot is also super versatile because you can wear it with formal, semi formal or casual looks. The specific color of this boot goes well with anything, and the handwoven application in the back adds up elegance and exclusivity since it is an artisanal product. 


Chelsea Boots

Our chelsea boots in genuine deer leather are one of the favorites. The natural softness of this type of leather is incredible, which also make them very comfortable. They are a great option to substitute your traditional boots.

Check out our men´s collection for more boot styles.

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