Exotic leather: how to tell it apart

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Exotic leather: how to tell it apart

Among all the different brands in the market we can find so many leather products, but sometimes it might not be leather or not the type of leather we are thinking. This is not necessarily a bad thing, we just want you to be sure of what you are buying. 

When you touch a genuine python leather you will feel the scales immediately. They feel like small flakes that follow a direction. If you go in the direction they are pointing to, they can be soft and smooth. If you go on the opposite direction, you can feel them raising subtly. 

Whenever you treat or clean genuine python leather, you must do it in the direction of the scales, otherwise they will get all lifted and can be damaged. 

In the case of ostrich leather, a genuine piece of this leather will have small bumps. The area of the wings and legs feels softer, without those bumps. You can lift a little bit the bumps; on a dupe those bumps will be flat and there is nothing to lift up. 

Different leather textures can always be embossed in bovine or ovine leather or even over synthetic. In Cuadra we only use genuine leathers and we make sure you get the best of them. 

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