Get to know your shoes

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Get to know your shoes

Your footwear can be made in so many different materials, but the moment you wear a pair of genuine leather shoes you will immediately feel the difference. We say the word feel because you will literally perceive the comfort, this happens because leather fits into your feet, and not the other way; everytime you wear your shoes the leather assumes the shape of your feet and molds to them. 

Today we will show you three of our top leathers, you’ll know their features and how to keep them bright as new. 

For a comfortable pair, deer leather shoes

This type of leather is known for its softness. This makes your shoes super comfortable and easy to wear. Italian deer leather is exclusive and extremely elegant, you will find it in footwear, accessories and clothes.

Since the natural texture of the leather is soft and delicate, you need to take special care and be gentle with it, do not rub it excessively and if your product is hand-painted you can always add a little color with our special creams. 


For a fancy, fashion pair, stingray leather shoes

You can often recognize it because it presents a white diamond shaped mark. The texture of this leather is bubbly and rigid, but malleable.

The little dots that you can feel also act as small dark mirrors that reflect the light and shine when the light hits directly.

This feature makes it super fancy. To clean it you will need a soft brush to remove dust and wipe it with a subtly damp cloth. 

For a casual pair that goes well with everything, bovine leather shoes

This is one of the most used leathers because it can function as a base leather, you can combine it with other types of leather and it creates the perfect harmony.

Due to its simplicity and softness, you can accessorize the rest of your outfit and it won’t look over the top.

To keep it bright and clean, wipe it with a slightly damp cloth and add a little of our color creams to add life and shine to them.

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