How to care for stingray leather

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How to care for stingray leather

Genuine stingray leather is one of our most exclusive leathers. This iconic leather is recognised for its texture and its shiny colour. Most of the time we can find in the middle a white mark, that brings attitude and elegance. 

Since stingray leather is a very resistant and eye-catching leather, it is used to make all types of products; from footwear to accessories, applications over garments, jewellery, etc. Today we will show you how to keep them as bright as new. 

Brush them

You will see that has small dots; this is its natural texture; you’ll find it polished on many occasions. Between these pimples, there are small spaces that the fibers of cloth can’t reach. For these cases, it is ideal to use a brush with soft bristles that help get rid of dirt and dust. 

Wipe them

Once you brush the leather, use a slightly damp cloth to get rid of every sight of dirt left. Remember that you must not get the leather wet, excessive quantities of water may damage the leather or provoke accumulated humidity. 

Bright as new

In many of our products, we combine stingray leather with other types of leather, generally bovine. To make the bovine leather look as bright as the stingray leather, you can add colour with our neutral or colour creams.

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