How to incorporate your Cuadra into the urban chic style

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How to incorporate your Cuadra into the urban chic style

Cuadra represents tradition, style and class; those are characteristics that define us as a brand. And even though our products always have those traditional roots, we also create pieces that are innovative, that can be versatile and follow the latest trends. 

On today’s blog we will show you 3 of our favorite Cuadra pieces that can be adapted with urban attires, creating a very chic blend. 

Sneakers will get you a relaxed look

These are by far the best type of sneakers, there are comfortable, discrete but with just enough details to match them with any outfit. When you incorporate them in your outfit you will get a relaxed look; look chic and girly matching them with a printed dress and boho accessories. 


Chunky sneakers to feel daring

One of the latest trends in footwear. Chunky sneakers are everywhere now, and they are super proper from the street style. You can create relaxed and casual looks, or something a little bit more trendy and edgy. 


Belt bags are a stylish and practical trend

Belt bags are also part of the ultimate fashion trends, they have been super present in the past few seasons and will continue to be relevant. We love this format of purses because they are so comfortable, practical and quite flashy. We transformed the sporty style that they usually have, and add our best leathers and applications to make them stylish and fashionable.

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