How to style your outfit for Christmas

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How to style your outfit for Christmas
If you’re lacking inspiration this winter for your Christmas parties because the only winter sets that come to your mind are the comfiest sweatpants to sit by the fire while sipping on a hot chocolate, here are some hacks to keep you cozy but stylish with your products from Cuadra.


Fashion your legs  

Christmas parties have officially begun. We all have many plans with friends, family, colleagues, etc. If you want to wear and show off your favorite boots from Cuadra, this is the moment to do it. If you decide to wear a pair of long boots, or a short dress for Christmas, colors would be the best compliment.

When the weather gets colder, tights will take you from day to night for every occasion. Whether it’s with tall or short boots, they are your best ally this winter. Don’t forget to freeze your tights. This will make them last longer; from nylon, blend, or even natural fibers, the reason we do this it’s to make fibers thicker and more dense, meaning they’ll be warmer and will have fewer layers to wear. Not only will you be cozier, but it will also make you have a good day and be stronger (no more last-minute runs to the store to get a new pair). All you need to do is to get your tights in a bag until they’re damp and place them in the freezer overnight. Give them a day to defrost, and you’re good to go. This is a one-time process, making fibers strengthen and less susceptible to runs later on. 





Layer your outerwear 

For sure, the warmest coat will make you unrecognizable underneath. While still beating the bone-chilling cold, try layering multiple thinner pieces of outerwear, until you achieve a mix pattern. For a nice and fancy look, there is nothing better than a pair of loafers for women and a pair of dress shoes or sneakers for men. Combining several pieces under a jacket or blazer with a warm trench coat over will add a level of elegance and warmth to your look.



Jackets & Vests


Outstanding socks 

Winter starts, and feet get cold, why not put on some socks? Normally the last thing you want on your outfits, is your socks being the statement piece. If your holidays are normally comfy and do not require that much production, these outfits are ideal for you. They are simple, but obviously super stylish. That’s why, this trend is so relaxing, no need to hide but to show them with your best pair of boots. The more colorful your socks are, the cooler they look. If you’re not into color, just opt for contrasting thick black or white socks. Being cozy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your stylish side. Tall boots are also an option for those who have thigh-high or knee-high stockings.



Booties & Sneakers


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