How to style your sneakers for formal looks

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How to style your sneakers for formal looks

The lifestyle of the business man nowadays is not as simple as it might have been years ago. The 21st century business man must be in constant renovation, innovation and ready to respond to any new demand.

Of course, we know that sometimes you want to feel relaxed and ready to go anywhere, but keeping a formal and business look. For formal-wear you don’t always have to wear dress shoes or boots, you can also make great combinations with sneakers. 

A pair of our sneakers are great choice to wear with your favorite pair of slim dress pants. Add a button up shirt and a nice jacket or coat. 

Check out these outfits

You can wear a similar outfit, but instead of wearing dress pants, you can wear a nice pair of jeans. Make sure the have a slim cut to really show off your sneakers. 

We can’t leave behind your suits, so if you want a relaxed flair while wearing your favorite suit just add your sneakers. Make sure the color blends in well with every detail of your suit (the color of your shirt, the pattern of your tie, etc).

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