How to wear cowboy boots and jeans

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How to wear cowboy boots and jeans

Combining your cowboy boots with a pair of jeans is the most classic and famous way to wear them. 

If you ever feel that you look the same, this doesn’t need to happen. You can always create different combinations; you have several types and colors of leathers for your boots and also many shades of denim.

A deep blue shade for your jeans is perfect to wear with your boots. This color of denim goes well with every color, but our personal favorite combination is with deep brown, almost chocolate. 

For a lighter shade of blue, we also picked a lighter shade of brown. The honey/golden color of the python leather in these boots is perfect to match with a white shirt. 


And for a pair of black jeans, you can wear pretty much any shade of brown, or even match them with black boots! But with this medium shade of brown, we believe is a super elegant combination.

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