How You Can Organize Your Shoe Closet

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How You Can Organize Your Shoe Closet

In our closet we have many different types of items, from garments, to shoes and even accessories. Keeping an order sometimes could be a little complicated; we suggest you divide your closet into sections. 

Today we will focus on your shoe closet. Among all your shoes you probably have boots, heels, dress shoes, slippers, sneakers, sandals. 

What you can do is separate all your shoes by categories, once you have done that, you can count how many sections you will need. 

A very nice to way to put order in your closet is organizing your shoes by color. This way your closet will have a section of boots that will go from the darkest color, to the lightest. A high heels section also organized by color, and so on.  

We suggest you only keep in boxes the pair of shoes that require a very strict treatment of care and maintenance, to keep them from damaging from the lights, dust and humidity. 

It is important that every time you are done wearing your shoes, you clean them good to avoid getting the rest of your shoes dirty. You also need to be consistent on the dusting and cleaning of your closet, wipe the shelves constantly and remove dust from your shoes with a feather duster. 

To keep your long boots straight, you can use a rolled cardboard or swimming foam noodles cut in the length of the tube. 

We hope that with these few suggestions you can keep
the nicest shoe closet.


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