Introduction of our line, Franco Cuadra

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Introduction of our line, Franco Cuadra

Before Cuadra

Picture of Mr. Agustin Cuadra

Throughout Agustin Cuadra’s lifetime, he focused on commercializing a variety of clothing products, while also harboring a deep appreciation for wildlife and the natural world. As a result, his children developed a similar admiration for the natural beauty of exotic skins. This passion ultimately led them to establish a small company called FECIHE, dedicated to crafting exotic leather belts.


The founding

The Cuadra brand's first batch of exotic leather boots was manufactured on June 28th, 1991, in León, Guanajuato, Mexico, including a line of belts and wallets of the finest quality featuring attractive and innovative designs. The finishing process utilized on the exotic leathers showcased an array of unique and original techniques, immediately catapulting their new business to the forefront of competition against the most prominent Western boot brands. 

Within just one year of its market debut, the Cuadra brand garnered a reputation as a top-tier label known for its diverse array of exotic leathers and authentic style. In 1993, the company expanded its reach by exporting its products to the United States, followed by Italy, France, Norway, Switzerland, and Guatemala. Since then, the brand's products have also made their way to Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, Colombia, and Honduras. As well, in 1995 the brand opened a physical boot store in order to meet the needs of the market and directly offer the product to the consumer.

2001 addition

Image of women and men boots

The Franco Cuadra collection was created to meet the demands of a market searching for modern-styled dress shoes. From its inception, the collection embodied the signature quality, artisanal craftsmanship, and exotic beauty of the brand. The range of leather materials utilized in the collection's cutting-edge designs provided the distinctive elegance for which the brand is renowned.

Additionally, the production of elegant and dressy women's boots and booties commenced under the new sub-brand's name. Where you will notice the difference in designs that are for a more city day to day, less western, color of soles that include Franco Cuadra written to be easily identified, between other characteristics.

Over the years, the footwear industry has evolved significantly, and today, there are several shoe types that cater to different needs and preferences. With the introduction of new materials, technologies, and fashion trends, the market has become more diverse than ever before. Little by little we’ve been adding different shoe types like ankle boots, dress boots, sneakers, sandals and more, perfect for any occasion or style. With so many options to choose from, everyone can find a pair of shoes that fits their needs and preferences.

This is only the result of the excellence of our products, made under the strictest quality standards, with the best inputs and the best exotic skins on the market, and above all, with the manufacture of the most qualified personnel.

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CUADRA…recomendada 100% todo lo que vende… son de excelente calidad, comodidad y únicos en su estilo!!!
Me gusta lucir diferente, por esa razón cuadra se ha convertido en mi tienda favorita.

Tatiana Bonilla

Soy fan de la marca y usuario excelente y excelsa calidad. Piel de tiburón imposible ormar

José Montoya

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