National Hat Day: We Celebrate The Cowboy Hat

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National Hat Day: We Celebrate The Cowboy Hat

The hat is possibly the cowboy's most iconic piece of western wear, a symbol of the American West. In relation to the origins of cinema, the West has been the greatest ongoing saga in film history. Once you get to know about the anatomy of a leather hat, this blog will introduce you to its origins in western life and how it has been positioned in the fashion industry.




A brief history of hats

While the exact origin of the cowboy hat is unknown, there is evidence that similar hats were worn by Mexican cowboys, as early as the 1600s. For centuries, cowboys have worn these handcrafted hats as a part of their everyday work attire. Today, cowboy hats are still made by skilled artisans, and they continue to be a part of fashion as an accessory for both men and women.



These hats were made from a variety of materials, including felt, straw, and leather. By the 1800s, the leather hat had become an essential part of a cowboy's wardrobe. In 1865, John B. Stetson created the “Boss of the plains” hat, made from beaver's fine fur, as well as rabbit and other small animals, creating the durability searched for the working westerns. Even though these hats are from western cowboys, almost every society in history had a type of headgear.

Why hats are making a comeback



Over time, this traditional item of the west has evolved into what we know nowadays, with different types of crowns, dents, bends, and brims, among other parts you can find in our previous blog. Opening its path in the fashion industry and not only valued by its tough to function on the trail but by its statement addition to outfits.

Between American cattlemen, they conventionally knew it as a 10-gallon hat, referring to how much water it could hold, while Mexican cowboys wore a wide-brimmed, high-crowned sombrero while herding. Clearly keeping the romantic conception of the old west, hats can barely carry a few quarts of water and can protect much at the same time of the hot western sun (don’t forget your sunscreen!).

Hats as a fashion statement 


Hats evolved as the west became more settled, from a purely functional piece of garment to a fashion statement. Hat makers like us, have accomplished having different materials, shapes, and colors. Nowadays, any hat we can imagine, in any style, can be made, thanks to our artisans.

Whether you're a country music fan, a rodeo enthusiast, or just looking for a stylish way to keep the sun out of your eyes, a hat can go with any outfit. Cowboy hats were a hot trend this 2022, regardless of the occasion. Pair it with a suit to get a western chic look; with a white dress and boots for a southern boho; with a short dress for a festival look; with high-end designer clothes for a luxe getaway, getting a chic twist and western trend for your next vacation. 


Hat Details


Hats will always be an iconic and timeless attire to get, besides the historical relevance and value of a well-crafted cowboy hat. And an important part of the 2022 trend, where the cowboy boots were part of it too. 

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