Outfits for Thanksgiving

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Outfits for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is definitely one of the most special holidays. It’s all about family, sharing and getting together to have a good time. 

You’re probably thinking about getting together with family or friends for your Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t forget about getting your outfit ready. We suggest you try on something comfortable, cozy and of course something you like to look amazing in all the pictures you’re going to take. 

Tall boots and skirt

This outfit has become one of the classics. A pair of tall boots, with a mini skirt and tights are just perfect for the season. You can wear a cozy sweater or a turtle neck top, and if its necessary you can throw on a coat or jacket to keep yourself warm. 

Long skirt and sneakers

The most comfortable outfits include sneakers and we are so sure about it. While sneakers may seem a little too casual, you can always elevate your outfit with garments that can make a great contrast. One of favorite ways to amp up your sneakers is wearing a long or midi skirt and a sweater. 

Cropped jeans, blazer and booties

Cropped jeans are a big deal nowadays and we love how they look with a pair of booties. If you want to look taller, we suggest you wear a pair of booties with high heel. You can throw on a blazer to elevate the look, and to make a contrast, add a printed t-shirt.


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