Stride Into Summer

Styling Western Boots & Exotic Leather Sneakers

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Stride Into Summer

Summer is here and with it comes an opportunity to update your footwear wardrobe. This year, we're crushing on two styles in particular: western booties and exotic leather sneakers. These shoes encapsulate two very different aspects of the season, and we're excited to show you how to style them!

Western Boots: Classic Charm Meets Contemporary Fashion

Studed black leather booties for women

No longer just the reserve of cowboy movies and country singers, western boots have secured their spot in mainstream fashion. And it's no wonder why. They add an instant edge and touch of the old world charm to any ensemble, perfect for those warm, summer days.

The charm of our western boots lies in their versatility. You can pair them with almost anything, and they instantly elevate your style quotient. A well worn pair of these boots with a flowy, bohemian style maxi dress can create a look that’s both effortlessly chic and irresistibly laid-back. The different elements come together to form an eye-catching combo that's perfect for a brunch date or a weekend festival.

If you're more into a minimalistic, modern style, try teaming your boots with high-waisted denim shorts and a simple blouse. The boots add an unexpected element to the outfit, creating a look that's casual yet on-trend.

Exotic Leather Sneakers: A Walk on the Wild Side

White and tan leather sneakers

On the other end of the spectrum, we have exotic leather sneakers. These bold, statement shoes are the epitome of luxury and are a perfect fit for fashion-forward individuals looking to make a statement this summer.

The exotic leather used in these sneakers can come from a variety of sources such as stingray, python, or alligator. Each type of leather offers a unique texture and pattern, making every pair unique. With these sneakers, you're not just wearing footwear – you're wearing art.

Styling these sneakers for men can be a lot of fun. Try them with dress pants and a button up shirt or relaxed denim jeans for a street-smart look like the one on instagram. Add an oversized graphic tee and some chunky accessories, and you've got yourself a trendy summer outfit.

Alternatively, you can pair your exotic leather sneakers for women with a simple black dress for an edgy yet elegant look. The bold sneakers create a contrast, adding a modern twist to a classic outfit.

Caring for Your Summer Footwear

Cleaning leather kit

Looking good is important, but ensuring your shoes last is crucial too. Western boots require a high-quality leather conditioner to keep them looking fresh and new. Regular conditioning helps to maintain the leather's suppleness and prevents cracking.

Exotic leather sneakers, due to their unique material and cuts, may require more specific care. It's recommended to consult our product care information who specializes in exotic leather care. This ensures the leather remains soft, the patterns vibrant, and your sneakers in top-notch condition.

In conclusion, both western boots and exotic leather sneakers offer unique and stylish options for your summer wardrobe. Each brings a distinctive flair to any outfit, allowing you to express your personal style and individuality. So stride into summer with confidence, and let your footwear do the talking!

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