The Cuadra manufacturing process

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The Cuadra manufacturing process

A feature that has defined Cuadra from the very beginning is the handmade work in each of their products. Each piece that you find in Cuadra has handmade details, they can appear as embroidery, handwoven, hand braided, etc. 

We can also see this artisan work in some of the hand-painted designs. 

Each application and finish are well thought to add that unique touch to our products. You can often notice that, even though some products are equal, they have subtle contrasts; this happens because they are handmade and can have subtle variations. 

We put special care in the manufacturing process of each and every piece

Our expert artisans put all their efforts and hard work to show off the details that you will see. Besides, our talented designers are in charge of bringing the most innovative processes and designs, full of creativity that matches the style of Cuadra. 

In several of our products we use advanced technology for their construction, nevertheless, we always respect the traditional process and the handmade designs that represent Cuadra.

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