The Luck of the Irish: How to Add a Pop of Green to Your Outfit for St. Patrick’s Day

The Luck of the Irish: How to Add a Pop of Green to Your Outfit for St. Patrick’s Day

The Feast of St. Patrick is a day for the Irish to celebrate their history, culture, and customs. Tables are adorned with traditional dishes such as shepherd's pie and corn beef, and people deck themselves out in green garments. It stands as a symbol of the country's unique identity that has crossed borders and been embraced in many places worldwide. But like so many religious or cultural holidays observed in America, business interests have taken hold over the years. Green has become especially commercialized during this holiday season.

A bit of history

Though St. Patrick is widely known for being the patron saint of Ireland, it's important to note that he was actually Welsh. He began his journey as a missionary in Ireland; however, at some point, he left to return to England. The legacy of St. Patrick has endured throughout time, and his impact on Irish culture has been profound.

The history of the St. Patrick's Day Parade begins in New York,  many Irish had immigrated to New York, and this parade was used to recognize the Irish soldiers who were serving in the English army. Today, although Irish people worldwide celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the first St. Patrick's Day Parade still took place in New York City. Customs like wearing green clothing, enjoying Guinness beers, and joining parades for other revelry add to an anticipated annual event for countless individuals!


Blue, not green?

It's widely accepted that before the Irish Rebellion in 1798, blue was associated with Ireland due to British rule. Since then, green has been adopted as a symbol of nationalism. This trend continues to be seen even today.

Irish Americans come out in droves this time of year to mark their Irish ties. This phenomenon can be attributed to the mass emigration from Ireland between 1840 and 1930. During this timeframe, 4.5 million Irish people moved to the US during and after the Famine period – many ancestors claiming some form of Irish descent!

So, back to the green outfits…. Make sure you're ready for St. Patrick's Day festivities by dressing in green! Whether you’re going doing something casual or leveling up a bit, we have this Hand-painted honey leather bootie with buckle that will get you through the day without having the pain of the heels but still with a nice look and outstanding the broguing details of the boot. As for men, keeping it fancy, yet casual, this brown python sneakers will do the job. Not only will you be comfortable all day to celebrate, but will have eyes on them. Make sure to complete your outfit with a great brown belt.

Layer the greens!

Is it as challenging to obtain an adorable St. Patrick's Day ensemble as it is to come across a four-leaf clover? Wearing festive colors like this is famous worldwide, and it may even save you from a pinch or two. With that in mind, when making your list of shopping items related to St. Patrick's Day, don't forget the essential part: A smart outfit with some form of green! Here are a few ideas to get you started on that look. 

For the ideal wardrobe, pairing a green item with a brown pair of derby shoes is a classic choice, excellent for work or having a drink after. Whether cultivating an elegant ensemble or something more laid back and relaxed, brown shoes provide the perfect complement to green items of clothing. Don’t be afraid of layering all the greens you have, you will totally rock a monochromatic look as you can see in the pictures above, it’s all about the attitude. Or if you want to keep it lowkey but still matching your embroidered booties, add a jacket that will hide the green if you have other things to do besides celebrating. 

Over the years, the holiday has become more secular and is now celebrated by people of all religions. It is a day to celebrate Irish culture, with many people wearing green clothing and eating traditional Irish food. 

So, whether you're Irish or not, make the most of Saint Patrick's Day by learning about its origin and traditions and enjoying the holiday!



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