The NHRA Season: A Beginner's Guide To Drag Racing

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The NHRA Season: A Beginner's Guide To Drag Racing

The NHRA is the largest and most popular drag racing organization in the world. With over 80,000 members and 1,500 races held annually, the NHRA is a great place to get involved in the sport of drag racing.

The beginnings

The National Hot Rod Association

is The largest auto racing in the world, a global sports-entertainment business. Drag racing has been an integral part of American culture since the end of World War II. Originally rooted in hobbyist hot-rodding on dry lake beds such as California's Mojave Desert's Muroc, drag racers soon broke the 100mph speed barrier and were born. The legacy continues to this day and has changed over the decades, but the simple thrill remains.

In 1947, Parks was a key player in forming the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA). As general manager of SCTA, he introduced a revolutionary concept: drivers would race to attain high top speeds and faster acceleration. This was achieved by having racers compete "against the clock," timed with stopwatches. Parks' contribution to racing history has been invaluable.

As one of the leading providers of motorsports entertainment, NHRA boasts 50,000 members and 35,000 licensed competitors. Founded to keep hot rodders safe by offering them legal racing environments, NHRA has grown substantially over the years and is now the largest promoter of professional drag racing globally.

NHRA stands for diversity. With many different competition categories, including Pro Stock Motorcycles, Top Fuel, and Funny Cars at the professional level, the NHRA has something to offer everyone. High-octane personalities of all backgrounds compete for the title of World Champion, and it's always an inspiring sight to see them achieve their goals. Come join us in celebrating our unique competitors - we look forward to your visit supporting The Cuadra Boys!

NHRA 101

​​A drag race is a competition between two vehicles, where they accelerate from a fixed point to see which one can cover a set distance first. Drag racing is a series of eliminations with two-vehicle matchups; the loser in each one is eliminated, and the winner advances until there's only one car left standing. It's an exciting spectacle, requiring skill and precision from both racers.


The type of race determines how the three amber and one green light will flash. In a Pro Tree, the amber bulbs light up simultaneously, followed by a four-tenths of a second delay before the green lamp fires. A Sportsman/Full Tree has an amber bulb that lights up consecutively every five-tenths of a second, ending with the green light five-tenths later. The vehicle that crosses the finish line at the fastest time will be declared the winner, barring any runtimes faster than its predetermined individual dial-under or index except for applicable categories.

The Cuadra Boys


When it comes to life and business, Fernando Cuadra knows not to take anything for granted. He experienced loss firsthand when in 2004, a deadly tsunami hit Indonesia and wiped out his Corral Boots business, which had 1,500 employees on the island of North Sumatran. Cuadra sold almost all his assets, including his Pro Stock race cars and home, as he began rebuilding from scratch over the next 10 years. Now he has an even more successful enterprise than before. It's incredible what can be accomplished when you never give up.

After a 14-year absence, he returned in 2018 to Pro Stock racing, with his sons Fernando Jr. and twins Cristian & David also competing. Follow The Cuadra Boys this season.


Born April 26th, 1999 in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, started racing at the age of 15, following his fathers passion. Beginning his career in 1/4 mile of Super Street category in Monterrey, Mexico and in 2017 winning the national championship.

From 2019 to 2021, Cristian has had many success, but one of his most important achievements was getting into the finals in 2021 Orlando World Door Slammers along with his brother Fernando, both winning the event.



Fernando started his racing career at the age of 18, following the passion of his father too. He started in Top Sportsman category in Monterrey, Mexico and in 2017 he was runner up in the national championship.

Starting in 2019, he started racing in Top Sportsman category in NHRA at Pomona Winter Nationals and later in the year, made his official Pro Stock debut qualifying and winning first round. One of his most important successes was getting into the finals in 2021 Orlando World Door Slammers along with his brother Cristian, as said before, both winning the event.


The Cuadra family including Fernando (father), and his sons Fernando Jr. and Cristian, joined Elite Motorsport this season with their three-car Corral Handcrafted Boots team. The Cuadra family will continue to race Ford Mustangs under the Elite banner. Mr. Fernando is a two-time national event runner-up with final round appearances at the 2019 races in Reading and Pomona. Cristian Cuadra was also the runner-up to Enders at the 2022 Four-Wide event in Las Vegas. 

The Cuadra family has career best elapsed times of 6.515 (Fernando Jr.), 6.524 (Mr. Fernando) and 6.528 (Cristian) all of them recorded at the 2022 Gainesville event. Their career-best speeds are 212.13 (Fernando), 211.43
(Cristian), and 210.73 (Fernando Jr.). Cristian Cuadra went to the final round of the Four Wide event in Las Vegas last season where he finished second
to teammate Enders. He finished the season as the sport's No. 8 ranked driver in Pro Stock.

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