Top boot styles for 2022

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Top boot styles for 2022

If you are the type of person that loves dressing fashionable and follows the latest trends, this blog is for you.

In Cuadra, our designers make a deep research and get inspired by the trends of the year to create masterpieces that will not only be avant-garde, but will also have the traditional essence of Cuadra that relays on the handmade details, the quality of the applications and the use of genuine leather. 

Get to know the boot styles that will be starring this year and that will be great companions for every type of outfit.

Casual boots no matter what

Leather boots that can be worn with pretty much anything are simply the best idea. No matter the weather, no matter the occasion, your boots will be the perfect match to your wardrobe.

We really can’t think of a casual attire that wouldn’t look great with this type of boots, jeans with a shirt, a long dress, a cute short skirt. Pick your favorite garments and create amazing casual looks.


Western boots for a casual chic attire

2022 style dictates that the flashier, the better; don’t hesitate on trying looks that you’ve never tried before. How do you feel about wearing a casual chic attire?

Adapt a pair of western boots to your very own style, you can wear them with boho dresses, with classic jeans, or you can even wear a super girly attire with a sparkly short dress, your boots and a denim jacket. Trust us, trends are meant to be different, so be different with Cuadra. 


Riding boots: an easy and comfortable look

We just adore a riding look. Inspired by the formality, elegance and impeccable style of the equestrian looks, we created our own version of the riding boots.

They’re short to make them easier to fit, made in genuine deer leather to make them soft and comfortable and we added simple details to amp up the elegance on them.


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