What Does "Handcrafted" Mean? 

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What Does "Handcrafted" Mean? 

And other questions you might have about Cuadra

Our brand has made a name for itself thanks to our processes. Our expert artisans are creators of masterpieces that fulfill every requirement to be luxury pieces. 

Probably, our most important feature is that every piece we make is handcrafted. When we say handcrafted, we mean that the process of making the shoe, accessory or garment is hand made. We use traditional techniques, using the best materials to create unique products. 

From designing, to sewing, painting and adding applications, everything is done by hand. Since every piece is made separately, it is very common to see minimal differences between one another, adding up the fact that our main material is genuine leather, which can have natural marks. 

The leathers we use in the making of all our products are carefully selected to give you the best quality, resistance and looks. As well as the rest of the materials and applications used. 

We work with national and international treaties that rule the usage and commercialization of all the leathers, helping the preservation of the different species.

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