We are on a journey, we find ourselves in constant movement. A ride to the unexplored, but with a very clear objective.

    Cuadra’s new season Spring | Summer 2022 brings us movement, fluency and a new rhythm, fresh and promising; just like the wind, the waves of the ocean and the salty breeze that impregnates us.

  • We found inspiration

    In the unique textures of the shore, in the dreamy nature, in the colors of the streets, the cultural richness and in the huge vessels that invite us to discover and explore. 


    We venture with soft colors, organic textures and fascinating silhouettes. We used applications and finishes that, as the moving crystal water, shine with the rays of the sun and give us warmth. We applied a palette of colors that evokes an evolving sunrise and goes from a grayish blue to a cozy terracotta.

    We are constantly walking, discovering, learning and growing; that is why we decided to focus to practicality with innovative pieces that will become great companions along the road.