How to keep your leather shoes and boots in shape

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How to keep your leather shoes and boots in shape

We love owning a pair (or several) of shoes or boots from Cuadra, but we also love that they look just like the very first time. To keep them super neat and tidy you need to take good care of them, and for this it is very important to know how to store them. 

If you just throw them in your closet or keep them around, the chances of keeping them bright as new are quite low; but following these few tips will keep your shoes or boots in the best possible way. 


Store them properly during the spring
and summer season

You decide if you want to keep them inside the box or take them out and place them in a special area of your closet. If you go for the second choice, just make sure that it is a dry place, without any trace of humidity and that light won’t hit them directly, the color can suffer changes. 


Clean them after every use

Every time you wear them, before you put them back in your closet, clean them according to the leather they are made of. This will prevent your shoes from getting permanent stains or to cause damage to the leather and other materials. 

You can follow this tips to clean, polish and protect your boots for an always bright Cuadra style.

Keep them in shape

Due to their common use, it is normal that the shape of your shoes and boots to start changing. To keep them from further damage we suggest you stuff your footwear with paper (no newspaper or any paper that can stain them), wooden shoe lasting, or even clean socks! You’re your tall boots, you can stuff them with foam pool noodles (you can get them at any store that sells stuff for swimming).

Follow these tips and you’ll see how your shoes will last longer and will look better.

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