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Genuine Ovine Leather

Embroidered black leather reversible vest

Embroidered black leather reversible vest

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Each vest is handcrafted from a unique piece of leather and will show signs of individuality.

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Reversible vest for men in bovine leather. Moreover, The black leather reversible vest is a versatile masterpiece that combines style and functionality. This exceptional vest is a true proof to the fusion of fashion and practicality. Additionally, crafted from premium bovine leather, this embroidered reversible vest offers you the ultimate in versatility.

  • On one side, you'll find the bovine leather vest, complete with fully padded construction for added comfort.
  • Snap-secured side pockets and a chest pocket adorned with a metallic Cuadra logo enhance both functionality and aesthetics.
  • But what sets this embroidered black leather vest apart is its reversible design. Flip it to the inner side, where you'll discover padded fabric that provides warmth and a cozy feel.
  • Additionally, zipper pockets and the leather vest applications on the sides add an impressive visual dimension to your outfit.
  • Furthermore, the Reversible Vest doesn't just stop at its dual personalities. In addition, it's well designed with a mao collar and a reversible zipper. This allows you to easily switch between the two sides to create entirely different looks.

Embrace this excellent piece that combines fashion and practicality. Furthermore, the Black Leather Reversible Vest offers you a perfect blend of quality craftsmanship and style, guaranteed to elevate your fashion game. So, discover the versatility and elegance this vest brings to your closet today.

SKU: H278BOC - Black


Avoid exposing to sharp objects or rub excessively, the leather may get damaged. Do not get wet.

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