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Genuine Stingray leather

Engraved black leather trifold wallet

Engraved black leather trifold wallet

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This leather can not be sent to the state of Nevada.
Each wallet is handcrafted from a unique piece of leather and will show signs of individuality.
Only 8 available. Grab it before its gone!

The Engraved Black Leather Trifold Wallet is the epitome of style and comfort, designed to enhance your everyday life with style and functionality. Crafted from genuine stingray leather, this wallet boasts a unique and luxurious texture that sets it apart from the ordinary.

  • On the front, intricate engravings create an interwoven texture, shows Cuadra's attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship.
  • The metallic clasp adds a touch of sophistication, making sure your things are safe with style.
  • At the back of the wallet, a zipper pocket provides a secure place for coins. Therefore, making sure that you have easy access to small change whenever you need it.
  • Inside, the wallet offers plenty of space for cash and eight card compartments. Whether you're managing your daily expenses or keeping your things organized during a special event. So,  this trifold wallet has both,  practicality and elegance seamlessly.

The Engraved Black Leather Trifold Wallet is more than just an accessory. This is a proof of your refined taste and a tribute to Cuadra's enduring excellence. With this wallet, you can confidently navigate your day. As a result that you know that you're carrying a piece of artistry and quality that adds to your style.

Embrace the charm, comfort, and luxury that the Engraved Black Leather Trifold Wallet embodies and make it a cherished part of your daily life.



Avoid rubbing excessively since the fine finish of the leather may get damaged.


Wipe with a soft and slightly damp cloth (with clean water) to remove dust, then use a polishing sponge.

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