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Cuadra's black wool hat with bovine leather headband

Cuadra's black wool hat with bovine leather headband

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Our Hat, in addition to being a symbol of individuality, completes your wardrobe with a unique lifestyle.

Wool - Black


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Meet Cuadra's Black Wool Hat, all about blending both warmth and style with that touch of class.

Crafted with some serious attention to detail, Cuadra's black wool hat is about to become your go-to for stepping up your winter game. 

  • Premium Wool: Above all this hat is made from some seriously high-quality wool. It's not just warm; it's built to last through season after season of chilly adventures.

  • Leather Headband: For instance, Imagine a fancy fur leather headband hugging the bottom of the hat. Not only does it look great, but it's also like a cozy, ear-warming embrace.

  • Cuadra's Monogram: additionally You've got a shiny Cuadra monogram hanging out on one side of the hat. It's like a style badge that says you certainly know how to rock the winter fashion scene.

  • Unisex Appeal: This hat doesn't play favorites – it looks great on both guys and gals alike. It's the kind of winter accessory that certainly brings everyone together in style.

So, if you're ready to step up your winter fashion game without sacrificing warmth and comfort, Cuadra's Black Wool Hat is where it's at. Whether you're exploring the city streets or in a day out, this hat is your ticket to a season of cozy and stylish adventures.

To know what hat size you are, you'll need to measure your head.

XS 6⅜ - 6¾ 51 - 54
S 6⅞ - 7 55 - 56
M 7⅛ - 7¼ 57 - 58
L 7⅜ - 7½ 59 - 60
XL 7⅝ 61



Do not expose to temperatures higher than 60 °. Clean with a damp cloth and dry at room temperature. When removing or putting hold it by the wing, preferably with both hands. To protect it,
it should be stored in the special hat box.

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