How to Wear Leather in Summer

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How to Wear Leather in Summer

Traditionally, leather is seen as a winter outfit choice, especially when compared to linens and cottons on a hot summer’s day. However, as leather lovers, we believe you shouldn’t disregard leather altogether in the warmer months. Wearing leather in summer is a big trend that is hitting the urban streets of Mexico City, New York, and Los Angeles. Styling this fantastic material year-round means you get more wear out of your much-loved Cuadra wardrobe staples.

Summer Leather Essentials

For those cooler summer evenings or breezy days, your leather jacket, whether it is a biker or a shacket, is as suitable now as it is in the winter. Consider summer-friendly leather pieces like short-sleeved tops, backless dresses, and leather playsuits.

Top Tips for Wearing Leather this Summer


Leather Boots and Booties

Yes, you can wear boots in summer! Opt for ankle booties to keep your look fresh and breathable. Pair them with a summer dress or shorts for a chic and unexpected twist.

Leather Bags

A sleek leather bag is perfect for any season. Choose lighter shades like white or tan for summer or go bold with vibrant colors. A good leather bag can transition effortlessly from day to night

Leather Vests

Layering is key in summer as well. A leather vest adds an edge to your outfit without overheating. Pair it with a simple tee or a light dress.

Hats and Caps

Top off your summer look with a stylish hat or cap. Not only do they protect you from the sun, but they also add a touch of flair. Try a leather cowboy hat for a classic western style or a cap for a more casual look.

Loafers and Sneakers

Leather loafers and sneakers are versatile summer staples. They can be dressed up or down and offer comfort and style. Look for perforated designs or lighter shades to keep your feet cool

Embrace the Honey Hues

Honey hues are perfect for adding warmth and sophistication to any summer outfit. This versatile color works beautifully with both casual and dressy ensembles, making it an excellent choice for any occasion.

Explore our summer-friendly leather collection to find the perfect pieces to keep you stylish and cool. From chic leather shorts to elegant backless dresses, Cuadra has everything you need to elevate your summer wardrobe with timeless leather fashion.




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